Casio PX 850 Digital Piano Review

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Casio PX 850 Digital Piano Review

The Casio PX 850 digital piano is the flagship of Casio’s Privia line. It comes with a number of useful features and specifications that make learning and playing the piano a fun experience. Thanks to its ultra sensitive keys and superior sound sampling techniques, the Casio PX 850 is one of the best pianos in the industry.

It comes with 88 keys, a 256-tone maximum polyphony and Scaled Hammer Action with three layers of touch sensitivity. It is great for pianists with different skill levels and comes complete with an updated Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator Sound Engine that makes for a great sound experience.

In addition, the Damper and String Resonance Hammer Response simulators further add to the piano’s sound quality. Both simulators greatly replicate the rich sound of a hammer as t strikes a string. The sliding lid that comes with the piano enables it to e locked in a position that facilitates an outward projection of the sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 4 x 11.8 x 33 inches
  • Keys: 88 Tones
  • Weight: 81 pounds
  • Weighted Keys:Yes
  • Polyphony: 256 Notes
  • Keyboard:Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action
  • Touch Sensitivity:3 Levels
  • Sound Mechanism:Acoustic & intelligent Resonator
  • Number of Preset Songs: 60 + 10 User Songs
  • Number of Preset Voices: 10

Design and Dimensions

Weighing only 70 pounds, the Casio PX850 is on the light side when compared to a number of other pianos. It measures 53.4 x 11.8 x 33 inches and features a full rack for a music sheet in addition to sliding cover to protect the keys when not in use. In terms of design, this model comes in three different colors to suit your interior tastes. The colors include satin black, medium brown oak and satin white.


The Casio PX 850 is among the best digital pianos because it is capable of generating authentic sound reproduction with the users enjoying a natural playing experience. In addition, it is lightweight and comes in different colors to cater to different tastes. A look at some of the features that work together to make this one of the best digital pianos on the market:

  • Keyboard: It features 88 touch-sensitive keys with Scaled Graded Hammer Action that can be adjusted to three levels of sensitivity. The three sensors that are incorporated into this model ensure that there is quick detection of keys when they are touched so that the exact difference in timing is maintained in the proper sequence.
  • Sound Quality: It features Acoustic and intelligent Resonator technology for a richly powerful sound quality. In addition, it does incorporate the new Multi-dimensional Morphing Air Sound Source for natural sound reproduction.
  • Memory: The piano’s installed memory is enhanced for longer sampling durations in addition to a greater quality of data. Temporal sound changes are also taken into account.
  • Recording and Saving: The built-in USB port makes it possible to record and save music. The MIDI USB support facilitates connection to your computer with no need to install drivers. The class compliant USB connection can also be utilized with an Apple iPad by way of the Camera Connection Kit from Apple.
  • Polyphony: It has greater maximum polyphony as compared to other digital pianos on the market. It is a 256 polyphony note piano which ensures that a drop in sound notes is kept at a bare minimum while dealing with layered sound effects or complex music passages.
  • Duet Mode: A duet mode which facilitates the division of the keyboard into two halves. This is a great addition for learning lessons since both the student and teacher can play at the same time.
  • Key Simulation: A Key off Simulator is featured in the new keyboard system, which simulator helps in the recreation of natural nuances whenever the keys are touched and released. This in turn gives off authentic reverberations tending towards impressive acoustic sound results.
  • Music Library: A music library that holds 60 preset songs and 10 user songs with a capacity to hold approximately 900 kb.
  • Power consumption of only 60watts even with all the features and functions that come with the piano. This makes it cost effective in terms of power consumption even though it is a high-end piano. In addition, there is an Auto Power off system available that is great for further conserving power.
  • It comes with 5 types of Simulators which are the Key Off Simulator, Damper Resonance, Hammer Response, Lid Simulator and String Resonance. Raising or lowering the piano’s lid also gives off different qualities in sound and volume.
  • Vibrations: While playing a piano, there is a difference in vibration from an Upright piano and a Grand piano with the Grand piano vibrating for longer. It is possible to adjust this piano’s vibration in 4 different levels.
  • The recording feature, a Real Time 2 Track Recorder that comes with this model is able to record one full song. In addition, it does include a 44.1 KHZ WAV Format Playback Audio Recorder that is capable of playing for 25 minutes.
  • Other accessories include a pedal board, AC adapter, headphone hook and score book. In addition, a folding slide type keyboard cover may also be provided with the piano which cover helps with opening or closing the top lid.


  • USB Connectivity
  • Audio Recording system
  • It comes with 18 high quality tones
  • 88 keys with string resonance for deeper expression
  • Expanded memory capacity
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action with ivory/ebony keys for that natural feel
  • Duet mode which makes for convenience in learning
  • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR sound source which provides improved quality sound
  • 60 music library songs and 10 user songs which makes for great learning
  • Damper pedal resonance which give off an expressively dynamic sound
  • Maximum of 256-tone polyphony which prevents sound note breakage
  • 20-watt speakers
  • Automatic power off system


  • Matching stand and 3-pedal set included


  • No LDC Screen
  • Large and heavy
  • It comes with no built-in rhythm
  • Clicking noise on the keys following continuous usage. The clicking tends to be disruptive as you play the instrument


The Casio PX 850 digital piano with its 256-tone polyphony is built with the pianists in mind. It is great for both beginners and experienced users thanks to its numerous features. It provides a great sound experience thanks to an improvement in the AiR sound source which makes use of over three times the memory that was used by the previous models. In other words, it is a great addition for learning and playing for different skill levels. There are good digital pianos attached to the new Privia line, complete with a number of useful features that result in great playing and wonderful sounds. As for this particular model, everything from its lightweight to the synthetic moisture absorbing keys and stylish appearance make it a worthy buy.

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